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Creative Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (CLBBS), a microfinance is a regional level microfinance institution licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank, the central bank of Nepal. It is a microfinance institution is incorporated as a public limited company with registration no. 143206/2072/73 on 2072-09-16 B.S. at Company Registrar Office of Government of Nepal under Companies Act 2063. It started formal microfinance operation from September 23,2016 AD from its first branch office located in Pratappur, Kailali.

The company has been registered in Inland Revenue Department vide registration number 603571035 (PAN).

The company has obtained license to operate in 10 district of Far-western Development Region and Mid-western Development Region.

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Pension Saving(PS):
This is the voluntary saving product offered to all the members of CLBBS. A member can open his/her account with a minimum of Rs.100.00 for 15 years. She have to deposit this amount for every month.CLBBS provides double amount after 15 years on this saving.

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Optional Saving(OS):
This is the voluntary saving product offered to all the members if CLBBS. A member can open his/her account with a minimum of Rs.100.00. CLBBS provides interest @ 7% p.a. on this saving. Members can deposit in this saving account when they have surplus and withdraw from this account.

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Group Savings (GS):
This is mandatory saving .This product is designed to fulfill requirement of center operation. Such as purchasing mat, build Center home , spend on social activities etc. Every member have to deposit Rs. 100 per month.(Changes according to the policy of CLBBS)

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 Creative microfinance recognizes that poor people are remarkable reservoirs of energy and knowledge. And while the lack of financial services is a sign of poverty, today it is also understood as an untapped opportunity to create markets, bring people in from the margins and give them the tools with which to help themselves.

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